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Samba de Amigo Perfect LoveLove Gameplay

I setup to record a Samba de Amigo gameplay video today. I was only intending to test out my ideas for a recording, but I ended up doing a lot more than that. On a lark, I selected "LoveLove" at Normal difficulty and picked a song I knew well enough "Cha Cha". To my surprise, I was getting an amigo score of around 300 with no "boo"s and "Love" matches on the poses. The game prompted me for a second song, so I selected "Bamboleo" and basically hit it all again, advancing to the special round to unlock the "Wedding March." My Love rating was 112%. I have no idea what the maximum Love rating could be.

I arranged the camcorder to place me in half the screen and then used software to isolate that half the frame. I ended up having to mirror my first 2 performances to match the gameplay track. I noticed there were no "up/down" mirrors in the last song and all the left/right moves were mirrored, so I just placed my unmirrored self opposite the "computer" player.
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    Samba de Amigo - Wedding March